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After decades of police & government corruption, cover-up and neglect enabling and empowering massive fraud, on or about January 12, 2011, RCMP, "their backs against the wall," finally arrested a dozen money-laundering suspects. Among those Manitoba RCMP arrested; one is a teacher; one a banker. 

Two of these massive frauds, TTI-BIM - World Headquarters Mississauga Ontario operated under the protection and actual participation of corrupt police (from RCMP on down) politicians, CRA (Income tax) and other government personnel, lawyers etc, and continued with the assistance of the Law Society, mainstream media etc, the very enablers and facilitators of these massive frauds.

These scams end up recruiting the poor, the financially desperate, university, college, and reprehensibly even high school students. 

And now the cover-up begins100,000,000 according to their own lawyer, (not just the 12 arrested) perpetrated these massive schemes: That includes police, as mentioned (from RCMP on down), prison guards, politicians, lawyers, government personnel, bankers, real estate & insurance brokers & agents, doctors, nurses, school board officials, teachers, even church ministers and the judiciary involved…

THAT… they (government, police etc,) don't want the general public, particularly students, to know.

The organizer? - Alan Kippax: His father? - Frank Kippax a former police officer from the London area now retired in Bermuda where the T.D. Bank knowingly "laundered" 10's of millions in cash deposits to an account there. 

Dave Stewart, father of Hamilton RCMP officer Harold Stewart and his family "made out like bandits" in this fraud, then created Financial Freedom International (FFI)… their very connections an intimidating factor when their victims discover they have been scammed (a phenomenon acknowledged by NCIS). 

In "five star" hotels, churches, university rented rooms, service clubs etc, among victims; unwitting students recruited and brainwashed into these masked frauds then sent into their learning institutions to unwittingly recruit fellow students into perpetrating, what are in fact, indictable criminal offences; all covered up by police and government; most of truth suppressed by mainstream media; many mainstream media the very enablers and facilitators of these fraudulent schemes, accepting huge ‘payoffs’ disguised as ‘advertising fees’ even offering free ‘air time’ to promote these reprehensible frauds. Whistleblowers are systematically harassed, threatened, assaulted, extorted, bribed; jailed on false charges, even forcibly hospitalized as "paranoid, delusional," “government conspiracy theorists etc; retaliation for attempting to expose publicly, these reprehensible frauds and the truth behind them… even a mother arrested and jailed attempting to retrieve her daughter and daughter's friend's money from lawyer, Tony, (The Legal Weasel) Gagliese and his sister perpetrating the Sum-It Club, another of these abhorrent criminal frauds, along with corrupt police and reprehensibly, even a Provincial Prosecutor/Humber College teacher, Wendy Ramroop  -  This is the mother's story.... 

Pyramid Exposure “Summed Up” as Death Threat   -   

My daughter and her friend were involved in what we perceived to be a pyramid scam called The Sum-it Club located in Woodbridge, Ontario, Canada.  They both laid down $300.00 one evening with a promise to come back the next day to authorize them to withdraw $120.00 a month for the next 2 years.

   The whole focus of the evening was to recruit other people and then get paid $400.00 for each recruitment. After several phone calls asking for a refund of her deposit we were told she was out of luck as she had signed a non-refundable deposit form.

The man who was also their "in-house lawyer" told us basically too bad and I am going to enjoy spending your daughters' money.  I called them several times and informed them that I would be calling newspapers, radio stations, their sponsors and would show up at their next meeting to tell these kids not to sign.  I planned to at least expose them for the scam that they were.

   Low and behold, I get a call from the police and I am arrested for saying that I was going to kill them. So with two signatures (the lawyers and a women I spoke with), I went from being the accuser to being the one accused.   Can you think of anything to help my case?

- Marian S., Oakville, Ontario


Google  -  cbc marketplace bim thornton - Look for "Easy Money" & watch the fraud exposed & false arrest this time caught on camera by CBC Marketplace!!!  And this... An enlightening but very disturbing and frightening email...

From: <>
Sent: Tuesday, May 04, 2010 3:46 AM
To: <>

Subject: Alan Kippax

Mr. Dave Thornton

I received the Email from Mr. Bannister to get in contact with you. I found Mr. Bannister on a blog just recently as I did a google search on  Alan, this is also how I found out he was sentenced to jail last week, thank the Lord. I pray for that family who's lives he changed forever. 

I met you a while back, when you first started going after Alan, back when he was running Treasure Traders International/Earnfirm.

I am one of Alan Kippax's Cousins, from Toronto. I no longer live there, I have moved out of Canada overseas where I can try to start a new life and get away from the shadow that was hanging over me known as Alan.

I was with Alan for a lot of his shady business deals. I have seen him pay off many people, such as the likes of Jean Chretien, and Paul Martin back when they were in power of Canada, and more recently Stephen Harper.

He has also paid off Ralph Klein back when he was Premier of Alberta, and more recently Ed Stelmach, and the commissioner of the RCMP.

The list goes on, the only premier he hasn’t managed to pay off is the Premier of PEI whom has banned Alan from ever coming into that province.

 I think you might like to know why he isn’t allowed in PEI. Well back in 1998, Alan raped a teenage girl when he was drunk, whom was the niece of the mayor of Charlottetown, cause of the problems they have had with Alan, and for the girls sake, rather than charge him, the banned him from ever returning to  PEI, as they figured a case in court would take years with the money and power Alan has.

They just didn’t want to put the mayor’s niece through that.  I hope you do get him put away for the rest of his life, and manage to get people back their money or at least some of it.

Just so you know, the only person other than Alan that has Authority to his Bank accounts is his long time friend and Lawyer Barry Fox, whom has been with Alan since his beginnings in the Pyramid schemes.

Alan has 3 bank accounts: one is with Bank of Montreal, estimated to be worth about $51 million, the 2nd one is with TD, worth about $18 million, and the third is a Swiss bank, I dont know the bank’s name, but it is in Switzerland, and that account has at least from what I saw back in June of last year, $398 million in it.    

I had the proof on Alan making a lot of these deals, pictures and recordings, and statements from the banks which I was planning on sending you, but just before Alan was sentenced last month, he came to my place overseas to talk to me about keeping BIM going, and I had told him no, I wanted nothing to do with his pyramid scheme anymore, and it caused a big fight,

I ended up in the hospital, and he beat my wife within an inch of her life. I recently got out of the hospital last week, only to come home to my house being burnt to the ground. Everything I had on Alan is gone and everything I ever owned.

The Authorities out here can’t do anything as I didn’t report what had happened within 96 hours, and I didn’t know about my house till April 29th, 2010.

My Wife is still in the hospital, and she is on life support, her chances are still slim of surviving.

I swear if I could just have 10 minutes with Alan, I would brutally murder him for what he has done to me and my wife. I am just thankful my children weren’t around when this took place 3 weeks ago, as they are still in Canada  staying with my sister and brother in law.

I am crying while I am writing you this email.   Now I know you want to put Alan away for life, and I support you and Mr Bannister in your quest to do this, but I am going to make this clear to you Dave, I don’t want to be brought into this, I have suffered enough and so has my wife, and the rest of the Kippax family. The way he acted when Peter died was horrible, he didnt even give a shit about his own cousin.

I am disgusted to be related to such a horrible individual such as Alan. I also truely regret being apart of his schemes for so long and not doing anything about it.  So I am asking you, DO NOT bring me into your case against Alan, and don’t come looking for me, I am in the process of changing my name so I can start off with a clean slate and start over. 

I know if Alan found out or finds out I have emailed you especially, he will have someone hunt me down and kill me, he has threatened people before, and some have disappeared just so you know.

I am surprised with the people Alan knows, that he hasn’t paid someone to take you out. I am thankful he hasn’t, cause someone needs to put him in his place which is behind bars.   

Anyways, please, leave me alone, and don’t try contacting me, like I told Mr. Bannister, I won’t be responding to anymore emails now, I will send him  a copy of this email to and that will be it.
– Aaron Kippax.


The "Pitch to Students Student: -  ICF World Homes Scam -

"Wouldn't it be great to be able to afford the education tuition equal to your qualifications? Finish University without a student loan. Be able to live on residence, have your own car, have a large bank account before you start your career. Own your ICF Home in far less time than through using a conventional mortgage?" 

Angry Father   Global Wealth Trade – International Scam - RCMP, Government Personnel, Politicians etc.  - "There are kids recruiting kids in my son's high school for this Global Wealth Trade thing, and it's the travel packages & "jewelry". They are looking for around $1300 to start up. I'm miffed! My son is 17 and thinks this will be a great way to start up in the business world. It was like pulling teeth to try to get him to tell me what the "meeting" was about. Stop these guys! I am in Red Deer Alberta, and a lot of people are going to these meetings this year.

 ACN Scam   Top People Convicted of Drug Smuggling & Money-Laundering            

Donald Trump - "Pied Piper of Corporate Corruption."  ARREST BY RCMP -       

Toronto Lawyer Michael Webster's Blog -     

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